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Oracle Product Implementation

Together with our affiliated company in Singapore (XSYS Pte Ltd), act as Oracle Delivery Partner to provide Oracle related services and resources for supply, delivery, installation, testing, commissioning and maintenance of a Portal solution for a teacher training institute in Singapore.

The following services have been provided:

Selecting a Deployment Architecture
Installing and Configuring the Security Infrastructure
Installing the Oracle Application Server Metadata Repository for the Security Infrastructure
» Installing the OracleAS Metadata Repository Creation Assistance
» Installing the Metadata Repository in a Database using Raw Device
» Installing the Metadata Repository in an Oracle Cluster File System (OCFS)
» Updating the sqlnet.ora File for OracleAS Portal Communications

Configuring the Time Out Value in the sqlnet.ora File

Installing the Oracle Internet Directory Instances in the Data Tier
» Installing the first Oracle Internet Directory
» Installing the second Oracle Internet Directory
Configuring the Virtual Server to use the Load Balancing Router
Installing and Configuring Authentication Services (Oracle Application Single Sign On)
Installing First Identity Management Configuration
Installing Second Identity Management Configuration
Installing and Configuring Application Infrastructure
Installing First Application Server
Configuring Load Balancing and Monitoring
Configuring First Application Server
» Executing the SSL Configuration Tools
» Re-Setting the Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g link
» Re-registering mod_osso
» Verifying Connectivity for Invalidation Messages from the Database to the OracleAS Web Cache through the Load Balancing Router
» Enabling Monitoring of the Load Balancing Router's Oracle Portal Host and Port Settings
Installing Second Application Server
Configuring Second Application Server
» Enabling Portal
» Configuring the Oracle HTTP Server with the Load Balancing Router
» Configuring the Parallel Page Engine Loop-Back with Load Balancing Router
» Modifying the Portal Dependency Settings File
» Re-registering mod_osso
» Registering OracleAS Portal as an Oracle Ultra Search Content Source
Configuring OracleAS Web Cache Clusters
Configuring Load Balancing and Monitoring
Enabling Session Binding on OracleAS Web Cache Clusters
Modifying the Oracle Application Server Welcome Page
Configuring Java Portal Development Kit (JPDK) Provider
Setting the OracleAS Single Sign-on Query Path URL for External Application
Setup SSL configuration for OID and Configured OID and AD synchronization
Upgrade Portal
SAP Integration

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