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Application Development and Migration

Application Development experience includes the implementation of many successful software development projects using our 4D development methodology. These applications range from enterprise web-based applications, reusable business components, up to the standalone desktop applications.

During the Application Development process, we always strive for the primary objective of applying the appropriate technology to fulfill the client’s business requirements, as most of our key clients are established corporations that emphasis a lot on the quality of the applications delivered, as well as the usability and extensibility of the applications.

Our application development process is based on a number of underlying principles:
Value Driven
- We are committed to deliver solutions that add real value to our clients in a specific strategic or operational measure such as market share, revenue, cost, customer service, cycle time, etc. The intent is not to implement a specific number of features/functions or to implement technology for technology’s sake. Our solutions are based on the real business needs over both short and long term.

Rapid Time-Box Delivery
– We recognised that if a project takes too long between initiation and delivery, changes in either the business or in technologies will typically render it obsolete. So, we work backwards from a specific delivery date and help our Clients organize desired functionality into a manageable release plan. By following this strategy, projects can be tuned to supply optimal benefit in the minimum time

Component-Based Development
– Using components decomposes software systems into elements that closely resemble the real world systems they represent. Components behave like real world objects in that their inner workings are abstracted, or hidden from other components. In the past years, our development teams have built many reusable components that bring enormous benefits to building systems in this manner. Our components leverage standards-based infrastructure to be most functional and to be compatible. Reuse and integration becomes easy, and large complex systems are much easier to maintain and modify due to their modular nature.

Design Patterns and Reusable Software
– Our delivery capabilities are coupled to a library of design patterns and reusable software components that can be quickly assembled into a skeletal implementation of the application’s core functions and services. Most of the Design Patterns and Reusable Software are based on the established or Open Source solutions that are available in the market. The use of these Design Patterns and Reusable Software enables faster integration, decreases development time, increases quality, and ultimately reduces the cost of the application.
Joint Application Development
– Requirements or definition and user interface methodology. Using this method, developers, executives and end users attend intense meetings to work out a system’s details. Focus on business problem rather than technical details. This will shorten time in requirement gathering and a better definition of requirement will be developed.
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