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Business Mobility Solutions

Mobile Sales Force Management System (MSFMS)


MSFMS is a Hybrid accesses system (Web portal and Tablet PC) for Sales Management and Order Entry. It provides a flexible platform for integrating internal systems and improving sales operation processes at a Lower Total Cost. The system package come with cloud hosting option, no more hassles for hardware server setup and worries for maintaining internal IT support team.

Engineering / Oil & Gas Industry

Work Order Management System (WOMS)

WOMS is a total office automation web-based application for Engineering service-based company that handle the work order life cycle from end-to-end which includes Cost Estimation, Time Sheet, Service Entry, Purchase Order, and Invoice.



Fixed Asset Management System

Asset Management System

AMS is a complete solution for Fixed Asset and Consumables Management, Tagging and Tracking System. It is enterprise software that complements SAP Fixed Asset Module. The AMS application is easily expandable to integrate with external system: e.g. SAP, Pacer. It provides plug and play capability for external device type as well as various flexible reporting formats. The main goal of the AMS application is to provide highly reliable, accurate and most updated asset inventory list for your organisation at any time.



Oil Accounting System

Oil Accounting System Module

OAS Module
is add-on functionality to the core Oil Accounting System. This module compliments the actual financial aspect of the Oil Accounting. It enables the users to create billing or invoices, credit or debit notes and summary reports for products sold via vessel, road and rail, whilst keeping track of the total volume as well as the amount for other purposes i.e. Tax, Duty etc.



Education Management System

Student Management System

SMS is a complete solution for the management of personal information, course information and academic information of the students in an educational institution.

Electronic Assignment System

is a web-based solution for the management of assignment submission, marking and scoring electronically. The main goal of the EASY is managed the assignment submission, Tracking of assignment, marking and scoring electronically.

Academic Resource Management System

is a complete solution for Academic resource management system. The main goal of the ARMS is managed the academic resource electronically, thus reduce paper work and improve the efficiency and enhancement the productivity.



Order Fulfillment System

Order Fulfillment System

OFS is a comprehensive mini MRP/SCM system with significant functionality for the manufacturing environment. It covers the capturing of order information to goods delivery, billing and collecting sales information in a timely manner. The main goal of the OFS is to provide highly reliable, accurate and most updated stock information, payment and sales and production statuses.
SAP Integration

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