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Management Team

A strong management team is essential to guide and lead Agile Matrix Solutions forward. Combined, the two founders have over 30 years of direct experience in management, Information Technology, e-commerce, banking, insurance, oil & gas and engineering. The strength of the team stems from three key factors:



The management team commands substantial knowledge and skill. In addition to the theoretical knowledge and classroom skills evidenced by academic honours, each team member has a history of achievement in their previous field.



The management team works well together. The management team was borne of friendship and mutual trust and respect. A strong ethic of teamwork manifests itself in an open and cooperative work style.



The management team is committed to bringing the company to success. Each team member will sacrifice more certain opportunities in order to ensure the company success. Foregoing their positions, each at the respective industry's leading firms, shows the depth of the team's commitment.
The Management Team members are:

Lew Cheong Teck, Managing Director
Ng Wee Peng, Operations Director

Lew Cheong Teck - Managing Director

Lew Cheong Teck is the Managing Director of the company. He has over 17 years of management and technical experience in IT outsourcing, Systems Integration and consulting services. Prior to starting the company, he has experience in establishing 2 international companies’ IT infrastructure and business operations in Singapore – AMP Financial Services and C-bridge Internet Solutions.

Mr. Lew has extensive experience in Oil & Gas and Insurance industries. He has played a major role in the development of Oil Accounting System that is currently used by oil refineries worldwide; including Shell, Petronas, Exxon and etc.

While he was working with a major US Consulting firm in Singapore/Malaysia (1992 – 2000), he was the key member of the team that proposed and won several multi-million dollars consulting deals with major oil company in Malaysia. In addition to that, he has also played several senior management roles while working in those huge projects, including Technical Architect, Staff Manager and Project Manager.

Ng Wee Peng - Operations Director

Ng Wee Peng is the Operations Director of the company. He holds a Bachelors degree (with honours) in Computer Science from the University of Warwick, England. He has over 12 years of experience in Systems Integration and Application Development projects with major oil companies, including Petronas, Conoco, ChevronTexaco and Marathon Oil.

Mr. Ng has extensive experience in working with global clients, including on site project work in Chevron headquarters in San Ramon, California; and Marathon Oil’s head office in Houston. He was the Technical Architect of the multi-million dollars Marathon Oil’s EAI project that involved the development of a new B2B system and seamless integration of that new system with their backend SAP ERP application.

Siao Kent Sing - Business Development Director
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