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Work Order Management System (WOMS)


WOMS is a total office automation web-based application for Engineering service based company that handle the work order life cycle from end to end which includes Cost Estimation, Time Sheet, Service Entry, Purchase Order and Invoice.


It is a web-based system provides end-to-end work order management through centralised data used across companies, branches, departments, and different locations within an organisation. It help the Project Planner are kept informed of work order requests, Engineers on reporting job completion, Finance department on invoicing, and Managers on overview from reports. Communication through WOMS for work order management is more efficient and very effective for large organisations.


WOMS empower automated work order estimations based on formulae derived from business rules decided by your organisation. Variables in these formulae includes project margins and cost of work delivered. With formulae in place, planners concentrate on only the variables and thus increase accuracy and minimize the response time.


By utilizing Agile Integrator, WOMS is able to integrate to with existing enterprise systems and data source such as SAP (ERP), Web Services, RMI, IDOC, CVS and any flat file format in general. This will enable further automation by enabling WOMS to use existing information like purchase orders directly.


System functions:

  • Work Order Registry
  • Automated Work Estimation
  • Purchase Order Registry
  • Service Entry Registry
  • Invoice Registry
  • Estimation Template Setup
  • Reference Data Module
  • Report



  • Efficient database entry for processing work orders
  • Automated work order estimations calculations
  • System uses Web Technology enabling access from anywhere, anytime
  • Built in control functions for workflow process eliminating overlooked
  • Reduce processing time
  • Easy to use and configurable to adapt to your business rules


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